I'm a slacker when it comes to self-promotion, so I haven't put up anything proper here yet. I'll get around to it. Probably. If you need to reach me, you can probably just email me. I'm also commonly on the Freenode IRC network (and others) at nick r00t^2.


I develop and/or maintain the following projects:

I have a bugtracker for many of the above projects as well as an infrequently-updated devblog.


My resume is available here (GPG signature here). If you prefer an ODT version, you can find it here (signature here). It is not updated as frequently as it should be.

SSH Pubkeys

If needed for whatever reason, my SSH pubkeys are available here (or you can just grab all of them at once).

GPG Pubkey

My PGP/GPG information is available via this page.